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Domestic Cleaning

Sparkle cleaning provide experienced, fully vetted, professional cleaners who are available to clean your home at a time to suit you. We aim to provide an efficient and high value service that gives our customers the peace of mind to know that all their daily household domestic chores have been catered to. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and appreciate that in today’s hectic lifestyles in order to gain a healthy work and home life balance sometimes you just need a helping hand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a free non obligation quote. We offer individually tailored packages depending on the individual needs of our customers. Whether you would like a weekly or fortnightly service or just a one off clean, you decide and Sparkle cleaning will aim to deliver.

What we do

  • • Clean and degrease taps/sinks/baths & showers
  • • Clean & polish furniture
  • • Vacuum all carpets
  • • Clean skirting boards, Doors, door frames
  • • Clean Ovens/microwaves
  • • De- grease all kitchen surfaces
  • • Clean and defrost fridge/freezers
  • • Clean windows and window sills

Office Cleaning

Cleaning offices is what we do best at Sparkle. We deliver cost effective office cleaning to a large spectrum of Wolverhampton clients ranging from from 5000 sq ft to 150,000 sq ft.

We provide a tailored cleaning service to your office needs, ensuring you get best practice from your cleaning contractor.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • • Daily office cleaning - daily visits or when needed
  • • Carpet cleaning
  • • Window cleaning
  • • Deep office cleaning
  • • Specialized hardware cleaning-computers & peripherals
  • • Move in/out office cleaning
  • • Builders cleans
  • • Washroom hygiene
  • • Janitorial supplies

Steam Cleaning

• When your carpets, curtains or upholstered furnishings start to look tired through the ingrained dirt of usage and wear, it becomes clear that cleaning is in order. But not all cleaning should be deep washing and scrubbing. For some fabrics and surfaces a technique with more finesse and less abrasion is required. That is where experts like us here at Snowdrop Clean Me Ltd come in to offer you the high quality service of steam cleaning London and the surrounding area can rely on.

• Often known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning is one of the most reliable and frequently used methods of modern carpet and upholstery cleaning. Although technically, the term steam cleaning is a misapplied term, as real steam would be too dry and too hot to use for cleaning most carpets or upholstery properly. Instead hot cleaning solution is sprayed directly on to the surface using a distinct pressure technique, which is then immediately followed by extraction by a vacuum. The dirt-ridden solution that is left is then collected in a recovery tank and distributed into the sanitary waste system. The ability to flush out large amounts of soil and contaminants in carpets or upholstery surfaces is just one of the advantages of this system. After the surface has been cleaned, we strongly recommend the application of a good soil retardant. This helps the carpet or upholstered surface shed dirt much quicker and stain removal easier as well as extending the time between major cleaning.

• For your peace of mind and protection, in case of any permanent damage to carpets, we will provide an expert confirmation letter, which can be used in regaining losses from insurance.

• So for a reliable, professional and highly trained steam cleaning service, contact us today for a free estimation. Our carpet, curtain and upholstery steam cleaning service starts from a minimum charge of just £50 per visit. We kindly advise that parking fees and congestion charges may apply

End of Tenancy Agreement

If you decide to leave your property, you can count on us to offer you professional end of tenancy cleaning services. We give you our guarantee of quality with affordable prices. You can expect only hard work and dedication to making your life easier. Our employees are very competent, experienced and knowledgeable regarding every tint, dirt and material. Our team will freshen up every corner in your property, whether it’s one you’re leaving behind or welcoming in your life, so your mind can be at ease. We use only the latest equipment sold on the market and detergents that don’t contaminate the air. Pre-tenancy and post-tenancy cleaning are not only about the work, but the people – therefore, all will be done in a green, safe way. As you might imagine, quality has been the key ingredient to create services, which will transform your life, but we believe in creating more than a service. If you are not completely satisfied you need to inform us within 24 hours of completion and we will re-do it free of charge.

Our end of tenancy cleaning include:


  • • clean and polish all cupboards and drawers both inside and outside, remove stains and marks;
  • • clean the fridge and freezer inside and out – the freezer must be switched off one day before the cleaning session and completely defrosted;
  • • clean the oven from inside and outside, clean the grills and the oven dish;
  • • clean the extractor above the cooker;
  • • clean the microwave inside and outside, remove the stains and the dirt as much as possible;
  • • clean the sink and the tabs, remove the lime scale and polish;
  • • Wipe and clean all worktops, the table, the chairs;
  • • Wipe and Clean the skirting boards;
  • • Clean the windows from inside;
  • • Clean and wipe the door and the door handle;
  • • Dust the lamp and the light switches;
  • • Hoover and mop the floor;


  • • Clean and disinfect the toilet seat and the toilet bowl;
  • • Clean and wash the bath (shower cabin), remove the lime scale and polish;
  • • Remove the lime scale on the tiles and between them;
  • • Clean the sink and remove the lime scale around and on the tabs;
  • • polish the glasses and the mirrors;
  • • clean the dust from the fan (if possible);
  • • hoover and mop the floor;


  • • clean the doors, the door handles and the windows from inside;
  • • dust and polish all furniture, wardrobes and drawers from inside and outside;
  • • wipe all lamp shades and picture frames;
  • • clean the skirting boards;
  • • clean and wipe the radiators;
  • • hoover and mop the floor;

Dining Room:

  • • clean the doors, the door handles and the windows from inside;
  • • dust and polish all furniture, wardrobes and drawers from inside and outside;
  • • wipe all lamp shades and picture frames;
  • • move the sofas and the furniture and hoover underneath;
  • • clean around the fireplace;
  • • clean the skirting boards;
  • • clean and wipe the radiators;
  • • hoover and mop the floor;

Hallway and Staircase:

  • • clean all doors, door frames and door handles;
  • • wipe the radiators;
  • • clean and wipe the skirting boards;
  • • hoover and mop the stairs and the hallway;
  • • clean and dust the picture frames;
  • • remove the dirt and the fingerprints from the light switches